britt_marie_kbh is the expression of a passion for aesthetics and craftsmanship. 

Our Guanbana bags, belts and bracelets are all handmade using crochet techniques by the Wayuu people. The colorful designs that characterize the traditional style has existed for countless generations.

All of our products are made in collaboration with the Wayuu communities who originally made them. Our Guanabana tote bags (which you will find here), also called Mochilas, are made in northern Colombia, where the Wayuu people have lived for thousands of years. 
Exclusively made for britt_marie_kbh. 
We believe that we are socially sustainable since our products actually help support the continuation of an important cultural heritage from Latin America. 
Our entire product line is based on an ambition for social sustainability, precisely because the products also support the rich cultural heritage of the Wayuu people. Their identity is embedded in every single bagbracelet and belt. Instead of taking their design and mass-producing it cheaply in a factory far from them, and Guanabana want to support their way of life by buying the handmade products from the skilled craftsmen who have always made them.
Our prices reflects a sincere recognition of what it means that craftsmanship takes time and requires experience to master.

Selling handwoven creations to people outside Colombia has become a significant source of economic income for the Wayuu people. It is therefore crucial that the handmade textiles are connected to the people who make them and the ancient traditions they represent. Therefore, I am always making a point of communicating the culture, traditions, and histories of the communities we work with. In that way, we try to conserve endangered craft traditions and traditional weaving techniques. 

Identify the essential and leave out the rest.

We believe the best thing we can do for our planet is, buy less and use what we have for longer. The quality of our products, are therefore essential to ensure their durability.

On the northern La Guajira peninsula, where the Wayuu are traditionally from, you are met with hot and dry desert. It is from these conditions the different designs of wayuu tote bags have emerged. The bags must be able to withstand sun, sand, heat, and the long walks up and down the steep hills of the Colombian desert landscape. Quality and durability are a necessity under these conditions.

However, even though our tote bags are crocheted in a way that makes them durable, they will eventually reflect the places and travels they have done. Usage only refines it - the more it is used the better it becomes.

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