The price of high quality crafts

The price of high quality crafts

The price of our bags is a result of them having been handmade by a human being with a personal connection to the product and its original history.

I have chosen Almudena Espinosa as my partner in Columbia, because her motivation for being in Colombia is to try to make a change in the lives of the artisans she work with.  In 2005 Almudena founded Guanabana, with the intention of making quality and durable products. She has always collaborated socially with the communities she work with, making sure to give them a stable, and safe job. It is very important to me that the artisans working in Colombia are not underpaid. Some of the artisans have been working with Guanabana for 13 and 14 years and I believe that says it all.

8 facts about our prices.

1. The artisans set their own price once they have made a sample, afterwards we use our standard mark up.

2. Almudena is providing work all year around to all the artisans working in Colombia. This means that even if we don’t have orders we keep ordering from them.

3. In Colombia, Almudena Espinosa has a foundation that allows the artisans to apply for credits with zero interest. They can use the credit for their own companies or for personal matters, such as paying university tuition for their children.

4. The agreed prices are reviewed and increased minimum once a year.

5. The Colombian artisans only produce high quality products with high quality raw materials which are more expensive.

6. All products we buy are invoiced, and the artisans have to pay local taxes, and therefore they charge more.

7. Our partner is cooperating with a company in Colombia, that offers courses to the artisans to educate them in ways to control costs and to operate within local laws.

8. All products are transported legally from Colombia to Europe.

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