Guanabana by britt_marie_kbh

Guanabana by britt_marie_kbh

Handmade textiles centered around the tactile feel and the story behind them. 

I have chosen Almudena Espinosa as my partner in Colombia. In 2005 she founded Guanabana, with the intention of providing safe work all year around to all the weavers working for her. These talented women are right now crocheting our bags in colombia. Exclusively made for britt_marie_kbh

Each handmade product is one of a kind Crocheting is immensely time consuming for even the most talented weaver, and the aesthetic value truly lies in the time spent on each product. 

Guanabana by britt_marie_kbh is handmade bags that represents everything britt_marie_kbh stand for in terms of craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality.

All of which means, products that are handmade from start to finish by the skilled artisans we have chosen to partner with. 

Less trend-driven with long-lasting items. When crafting our bags the artisans use traditional techniques inherited from generation after generation. Everyday they are striving to create the best possible version of each product, to ensure you will use and love every item for years to come. 

We believe in making few, high-quality items. In my opinion, worn-in bags just get better with time, as they evolve and develop a natural beautiful look. Even though our bags are crocheted in a way that makes them durable, they will undeniably take on a life of their own. Eventually reflecting the places and travels they have done.

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