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Tote bag

Tote bag

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Guanabana by britt_marie_kbh

This tote bag is woven with a looser stitch in order to make it lighter and easy to wear, with dual banded handles perfect for University or work.

Guanabana by britt_marie_kbh is a selection of high quality bags centered around the tactile feel, and the story behind them. Each product is a celebration of solid craftsmanship with a strong sense of aesthetics.  All pieces are carefully crafted by skilled artisans, adding soul to each pieceExclusively made for britt_marie_kbh. 

Each handmade product is one of a kind Crocheting is immensely time consuming for even the most talented weaver, and the aesthetic value truly lies in the time spent on each product. 

Material: 100% acrylic. Approximate dimensions:

Height: 41 cm Width52 cm 

Machine washable in cold water.

The bag is entirely handmade so there can be small size variances. The artisans weave the bases using their own designs, so each base is unique and works as their personal trademark. 

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