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Ana bag

Ana bag

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This bag has a handle that allows you to carry it as a shoulder bag. 

Handmade bag that represents everything britt_marie_kbh stand for in terms of craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality.

Crocheting is immensely time consuming for even the most talented weaver, and the aesthetic value truly lies in the time spent on each product. 

We are releasing a selection of handmade bags continuously as they are crafted in Colombia – giving our production partners the time to thoughtfully craft each item. We commit for the long-term partnership – working together to continuously become more responsible.

Handmade textiles centered around the tactile feel and the story behind them.

Material: 100% acrylic
Approximate dimensions: Height: 24 cm Diameter: 24 cm

The bag is entirely handmade so there can be small design or size variances.
Machine washable in cold water.
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