Liam XL bag

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Guanábana Liam XL bag

The Liam XL bag has been designed to carry everything you come up with. Wear it to the beach, for a short trip, for the weekend… its big size makes it a bag with infinite possibilities. The bags has an oval base and two short handles to wear as a shoulder bag. It is hand woven in crochet by Wayuu artisans in Colombia, but its fine stitch makes it difficult to weave. Thus, it is an exclusive bag with a limited production.

It is very practical for carrying your laptop, books or folders, but you can also use it to bring your towel and essentials to the beach.
The artisans weave the bases using their own designs, so each base is unique and works as their personal trademark. This selection of handmade bags is a testament to the artisans’ dedication and the time they invest in every product.


Taking care of nature, one of the best things we can do, is buy less and use what we have for longer. The quality of our products is therefore essential to ensure their durability. To achieve this, we have focus on craftsmanship and the processes that our partners use to create our products.


Material: 100% acrylic. Approximate dimensions: Height: 39 cm Width: 50 cm Handle: 56 cm

The bag is entirely handmade so there can be small design or size variances. Machine washable in cold water.